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1 Potatoes

We buy potatoes having solid content 20% all size.

- Types of Potatoes we buy

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Lady Rosetta


2 Bio Coil

3 Wood Cuttings

Potato Flakes

What is Potato Flakes?

Potatoes flakes or Instant mashed potatoes are potatoes that have been through an industrial process of cooking, mashing and dehydrating to yield a packaged convenience food that can be reconstituted by adding hot water or milk, producing an approximation of mashed potatoes.


Low in cholesterol Hygienically processed Long shelf-life Specifications Bulk Density. 250 - 450 g/ft. Particle Size. 100% thro 1.7 mm (1680 Mic). Moisture Content. 10.0% (Max) by Wt. Sulphur Di-Oxide. 180 ppm (Max). Reducing Sugars. 2.5%-0.4% Microbial Limits TPC. 100,000/g Max. Coliforms 100/g Max. Enteropathogenic E. coli. Absent Salmonella Absent Nutrition Per 100GRM. Appr. Moisture. 6. 00 g. Crude Protein. 5. 50 g. Carbohydrates. 85. 00 g. Dietary Fiber. 0. 25 kg. Crude Fat. 0. 25 g. Calories. 380. 0 K.Ca Suggested Application Instant mashed potato Ingredient for various fresh and frozen potato dishes (e.g. potato dumplings, croquettes, stuffed dumplings or noodles) Ingredient for bread and bakery products Fish and meat coating Ingredient in snack and pellet manufacture Packaging Poly lined HDPE woven sack having inner PE liner. One 20 container packs 480 sacks of 20.00 KGS each

How it's made!

The potato is the heart of our company

This is why we only use the very best potatoes, grown in the most suitable types of soil. Constant attention to sourcing and strict quality controls ensure we produce the best potato flakes. Our knowledge of the potato branch is such that we can guarantee our customers; we can meet their specifications all year round.

In or out, Quality control starts at the door, literally. Every truckload of potatoes that comes in in our modern production facilities, is checked at the point of delivery according to certain set parameters. When a batch is not up to standard, it simply will not be accepted When the potatoes have passed the first test, the processing begins. Operators keep a watchful eye on the entire production process from peeling to drying. The computers in the control room enable them to see the entire process and to make modifications if necessary.

Potatoes are then washed and peeled after an inspection. this peeled potatoes are cut and then cooked, after cooking potato is mashed in masher at this stage various additives are added to improve the shelf life of the final product. This mashed potatoes forwarded to the dryer, from dryer thin sheet of flakes is received which is milled to the desired size, this final flakes is then packed in various size of packings.

Made to measure Production takes place on a fully automatic line which can be adjusted for maximum flexibility. This way we can produce various specifications for different customers at the same time.

Types of Potato Flakes

There is mainly 3 variant of potato flakes that we at Mahalaxmi Agro manufacture

  1. Millet (Potato Flour)
  2. 300 – 400 Kg./m3
  3. 600 – 700 Kg./m3

Usage of Potato Flakes

  • Snacks (extruded, sheeted, baked) & Pellets
  • Instant Mash Potato
  • Potato products
  • Ready-made meals
  • Reconstituted French Fries

1) Potato Peels & Rejects

Potato Peels & reject can be processed and incorporated into animal feed formulation. potato waste is an excellent energy source for cattle, it has energy value similar to corn & barley. Potato provides 7.6% of Cruid Protine, Potato feed also increases milk output as it is rich in starch.

Peel waste can also be used as fertilizer in farming it added much-needed humus & organic matter, it promotes root growth & counteracts soil compaction this sustainably improve the soil structure.

This can be also used as raw-material for vermicompost, it provides a worm with nutrition & hummus.

Per-Day Output - 2.5 Tons

Fill the registration for the constant supply.

2) Potato Starch

Raw-starch is generated in the process (in semi-dried form) this is further used in a starch production after a certain process. This can be also used in food industry as a binding agent. Raw-starch can be directly used in poultry feed and fish feed, starch promotes weight gain in bird & fish.

Per-Day output - 400 Kg.

Fill the registration for the constant supply.

3) Wood Ash

Our boilers run on natural biomass, this generates natural ash, This ash can be added in farms to stabilize Ph and slow source of potash, sulfur & other micronutrients.

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