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Mahalaxmi Agro

Mahalaxmi agro  is a partnership company, owned by young entrepreneurs and has its own departments for Production, Marketing & Sales, Finance, QA and R&D. The head office of the company is in Visnagar, Gujarat, INDIA. Production facilities are located near  Villege Devipura, Ta. Vijapur ( North Gujarat).

Mahalaxmi agro has been one of the India’s leading manufacturers of potato flakes. mahalaxmi agro does business with well-established companies in the retail and foodservice industry, as well as in the food industry, where potato flakes are used to produce snacks, potato products, ready-made meals, soups & sauces and many other products.

We supplies  POTATO FLAKES to these key market segments:

Snacks & Pellets

Mash Potato

Potato Products

French Fries

Ready Made Meals

Our Strengths & strategies






Our state of the plant is spread in 25000 sq.mt of land. Plant has been built keeping in view guidelines from various authority related to food. High ground construction to keep all paste and insects away from entering main process plant. Careful planning of garden to encourage natural predators of insects and rats to keep them checked. This state of the plant has all facility in-house to ensure the Good Mfg. Practice (GMP), and all test for ensuring products quality is carried out in house laborites.

Quality / GMP

Careful planning and strict inspection of raw materials we received is base of our manufacturing practice. Our manufacturing process is so planned that it keep human interference at minimal. Keeping watchful eyes on process to ensure the optimum product quality and this has been constantly checked by testing product parameter in our state of the are lab.

Storage and shipping

We store our material to well protected warehouse to ensure the material remains away from humidity and light, this will ensure the product freshness all year around.


“AALUU” flakes manufactures according to hygiene-, quality- and safety regulations. aaluu is certified by BRC, HACCP, FSSAI and for ISO 9000. We produce foods according to Kosher and Halal specifications on request



Storage & Shipping


Environment Policy

No west of water

As a processor of natural resources, We keeps a close watch on the environment.  plants are equipped with a state of the art wastewater treatment system, so our wastewater has already been purified for as much as 95% before it goes to the FURTHER DISCHARGE. On average we use one liter of water six times before it finally becomes wastewater. This wastewater is further neutralized to suitable ph and use in our garden. In near future, we will set up a rainwater harvesting facility to give our nature back what we have taken from them.

All other waste is collected and disposed of separately, so recycling opportunities of, for example packaging material, are maximized.


Quality Control

Traceability enables us to locate the exact batch of potatoes a product is made from. Then, should there be a problem, it is easy for us to check whether it concerns just a single batch or a larger quantity.
We are able to locate not only a batch, but we guarantee full traceability for all the potatoes that we use as a raw material. All potatoes we process are sourced through CONTRACT FARMING which allows us to keep full control of the growing process, from potato seed to the final delivery of the product to our factories


Quality Control

The Lab

Our employees in the laboratory do the final checks on a physical chemical level and on a microbiological level.
MAHALAXMI AGRO has received Quality Certificates from the following independent organizations:

  • AIB American Institute of Baking, a qualification scheme that Rixona participates in.

  • BRC British Retail Consortium has its own standard for food safety. Rixona is categorized as ‘higher level’.

  • HACCP Hazard Analyses of Critical Control Point. Rixona’s assessment has been executed by Lloyd’s Register QualityAssurance ltd.

  • ISO-9000-FSSAI The INDIAN FOOD certification standard.

Kosher & Halal Certificates

We produce foods according to Jewish food regulations so our products can be labeled with a Kosher Certificate. The same applies to the Halal Certificate, for which we produce foods according to specifications set by the Muslim-community. A specification can be sent to you on request:

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